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The National Bike Register has joined forces with BikeVAULT to create Australia’s largest FREE online platform to combat bike theft!

BikeVAULT of the PropertyVAULT suite of free asset registers to combat theft provides:

  • Full lifecycle bike identification, ownership, and provenance tracking with blockchain encryption;
  • A registered bike sale platform, that can be linked with online selling platforms, enabling buyers to check a bike’s provenance, as well as providing the potential for an improved resale value.
  • Registration and logbook transfer upon sale, ensuring the bike’s provenance remains intact.

When a bike is stolen, BikeVAULT comes to the fore, providing:

  • Theft recovery support from police trained recovery experts,
  • Online recovery tips, tools, and resources, proven to aid recovery; and
  • Support from a large online community who help to keep watch for stolen bikes when presented for sale.

Protect your bike identification and ownership today – lock it in the VAULT for FREE!

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If you already have a bike registered on the National Bike Register (NBR), we encourage you to create your new registration on BikeVAULT.  To access your data on the NBR, log in below.