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If you have not yet had your bike registered:

Register yourself and your bike on the NBR by clicking here and completing the relevant fields.

If you are using a DataDot Bike Kit to register, please have the kit handy  Kit handy so that you can enter the kit’s PIN.

Ensure that you have relevant details on hand.

This could include condition, primary and secondary colours, and any other unique identifying features. The better the picture and the information you supply, the more identifiable your assets become, and far less attractive to potential thieves.

Photographs of the bike can also be uploaded to the database.

Enter the following types of information:

  • Bike Serial Number
  • Bike Make, Model and other identifying information
  • Description of componentry
  • Accessories (heart rate monitors, computers etc)

If you have not yet ordered a DataDotDNA Bike Kit and would like to do so, you can order online here.

Australian Bike Security Promotions
If you have received a DataDotDNA Bike Kit at a promotional event by Subaru and DataDot Technology, please register the kit now.

You can also include bike accessories, serial number and equipment.

Updating Your Details
If you have registered as an owner, you can log in and update your details and your bikes details here.

Contact DataDot Technology if you have any questions.